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Use the following if you have an e-mail address or want to find one. Don't forget "Finger" which will tell you the owner of an e-mail address and "Whois" which will tell you who is the registered owner of the domain name. For a more detailed description, go to my "How to Find Someone's E-mail Address" page. Please tell me about any other items you think belong on this list.
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Email Resources:

Go here for a description of these sites and how to use them.
"Finger" is the name of the internet function used to get a name from an e-mail address. You can finger an address at Finger.com.
"Whois" is the internet function used to find out who owns a domain address. It can be found at Internic.
Searchbug has Find by E-Mail and E-Mail Finder.
Mesa: Meta Email Search Agent, claims to be the largest email address directory.
WhoWhere has their own e-mail directory.
Switchboard has Find an E-Mail.
Info Space has an E-mail Search directory.
FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
For searching in the United Kingdom, LookupUK has E-mail Searches.
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