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Use the following if your search is inside Canada. If you can't find what you need here, be sure to review other areas in the site. Please tell me about any other items you think belong on this list.
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Canada 411 has Find a Person.
Info Space has a Phone and Address search and Reverse Lookup.
Switchboard has Find a Person.
AnyWho by ATT has Find a Person and Reverse Lookup.
Searchbug has Find by Name, Find by Address, Find by Phone and Area Code Decoder.
ThinkDirectMarketing allows you to search it's direct marketing database by name, by street address, by phone number with area code and by phone number without area code
AmeriCom Long Distance AREA DECODER will tell you the city of a given phone number in the USA or Canada.
If my page can't help you find who you are looking for, Yahoo will give you some other pages to use.
Whois/ White Pages / Directory Services has a large listing of resources.
Telephone Directories On The Web lists additional directories for Canada.
Canadian Postal Lookup by Westminster lets you verify Canadian and American addresses.
Canadian Genealogy from the National Archives of Canada.
The Ontario Canada Cemetery Finding Aid for locating those 6 feet under.
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